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Speed box needs to be connect it in between speed sensor of the rear wheel and the engine of the electric bike.Remaining  connector is placed on position for front light and it is done.

When the light is switched OFF, everything works as before, without speed increase.This mode is for riding on communal roads.

Once you turn light ON, you then activates Speed box, which fools control unit and on the speedometer is displayed half of the actual speed, because speed box works up to 50Km/h.

Therefor this mode is ONLY for out of communal roads.
Equipment is fitted with original connectors, simplify potential removal of the speed box.


video Instructions

In case of lights are not activated, it is required activation by diagnostics equipment.This kind of activation is possible in every good quality electric bike service center.

Price ranges in the order of hundred crowns. When connecting the wheel should record the current software.

If you buy SPEED BOX directly at our company, you perform these tasks for FREE!!!

Price: 144 EUR

Order by e-mail: info@sb-tuning.com

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